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Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve Financial Freedom as quick as possible. Book a Private 1:1 Mentoring session with us on Zoom. Book Here.

We can help you optimise and structure your existing property portfolio, plan your strategy, or help you to grow a profitable multi-million property business.

About us

We became Financially Free by the time Sarah was 39 years old and own a multi-million property and investment portfolio.

We have over 20 years property investing experience across Buy To Let, Rent To Own, Commercial Property investing, Starting a SSAS Pension, Capital Allowances, Raising money, Lending and more. Sarah was a Letting and Estate Agent for 3 years, so she knows how they think.

We prefer using passive investment strategies, so that we have free time to spend with our family, travelling and pursuing our passions 💜

We've written multiple books, such as Stealth Millionaire, Simplicity Secret, Find Your Purpose, and have mentored students on property investing for 5 years.

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Sarah and George reviews

"I was really learning from the ground zero. I am buying three properties, absolutely and in terms of the sort of return I'm looking at, it's between 12% and 14% per property."
Karin Hogan

"I just wanted to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU, having gone through your course… I became financially free last September!!!"
Waliur Rahman

“We have had 4 property offers accepted. With the average return of 9.5%”

“I attended the Financial Freedom Masterclass. It will save me £42,000 yearly. I got married in August 2021 and permanently relocated to Wales for a relaxed and better quality of life.”
Ganesh Practoor